Go Green

Buildings generate up to 35 per cent of all greenhouse gases, 35 per cent of landfill waste comes from construction and demolition activities, and 80 per cent of all water is consumed in and around buildings. It’s clear that making buildings greener can have a significant impact on larger environmental goals. At B-LiViNG DESiGN, we are fully committed to sustainable and responsible selection of the materials as well as different methods of construction based on the latest suggested green solutions.

Green Articles

Interior Design’s FutureGreen (#IDFutureGreen) forum took place on Saturday at the Crosby Street Hotel in downtown New York City. The group of designers and manufacturers spent the day focused on sustainability in hospitality, with an agenda built around this year’s theme: Smaller, faster and cheaper. After a welcome by Interior Design editor in chief Cindy Allen, the group sat through several presentations and got some hands on action when presented with the challenge to create a product that would tie into the forum’s theme.